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Key Policies/Links for Scouters

Pandemic Links

Pandemic Stage 2 Standard

Pandemic Stage 3 Standard

Pandemic Stage 4 Standard


Emergency Response Plan - Beaver/Cubs

Emergency Response Plan - Scouts


Supporting a Symptomatic Person Guideline

Link to all Policies and Standards (BP&P)

Policies, Standards and Procedures: Search


Personal Achievement Badge Portal

Link here

Updating my PRC


Only a Police Records Check with Judicial Matters is required. 

Please use this link as it is tied to Scouts Canada.

When your check is complete it will automatically be sent to be 

added to your profile.  Please send your receipt to the Group Commissioner or Treasurerfor reimbursement.

For those who choose another method, please note this.


Scout Camp Bookings

Link to our Camps here.


Handling Money

In general, funds will be approved by the Group Committee prior to expenditure directly by a Scouter. Receipts supporting the approved purchase will be re-imbursed by Group Cheque issued by the Treasurer.  Collection of funds for any reaon must be deposited in the bank - with the account of the section being credited as planned.

Delegation: The Group Committee has delegated approval to Section Scouters (approval within Section Team) the use of Section funds up to $200 without referral to the Group Committee. Costs over $200 will be referred to the Group Committee for approval.  Please allow 30 days for approval.

All purchases must be supported by receipts which will clearly list the name of the purchaser, and section the purchase is being charged against.  Electronic/scanned copies of receipts are acceptable and encouraged.  Receipts greater than 90 days old will require an explanation and will not automatically be re-imbursed.

Proof of Insurance

If you need proof of insurance, please contact your Group Commissioner.

They will need to contact providing this form, and any contract that needs to be signed. Please allow 30 days for processing.

More: Procedure: Certificate of Insurance

School Bookings and Cancellations

Limestone District School Board - Community Use

Algonquin and Lakeshore District Catholic School Board - Community Use

Note: Proof of Insurance above

For the Public Board forms need to list Meena Bharwani as the contact:

(416) 490-6364 ex 325 

When a school cancellation happens, she will be contacted, and relay the info to the local Scouter listed on the application. 

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