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1st Pittsburgh Colony

Our Colony is normally hosted the

CFB Kingston Spiritual Fitness Centre

32 Lundys Lane, Kingston, ON K7K 5J3

Mondays at 6:00pm to 6:45pm 


Click on the Beaver to learn more about the Program



ScoutsTracker supports all aspects of our program, including tracking of all acheivements/badges, calendar of events, etc

MyScouts is Scouts Canada's system of record, and is used to confirm registration, contact/pickup information.


Thank a Volunteer

Council: Voyageur

Group: Kingston Centre

Section: choose

Name: must use real name


Uniform Badge Placement

North Star Requirements

Personal Achievement Badge Worksheet

Scout Popcorn Fundraiser

Scout Popcorn Campaign is opening on 1 October, 2021


Get started with:

  • Vest (23.99)

  • Bucket Hat (14.99)

  • Beaver Map (9.99)

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